IPMBA Police Cyclist


Bicycle officers need to ride whenever and wherever they are needed. Proper training is essential to an officer’s on-the-job performance and IPMBA Police Cyclistsafety. It is also critical in reducing liability. The Police Cyclist course provides bicycle officers with the skills they need to effectively serve their communities. The course is divided into eleven units: Bike Handling & Vehicular Cycling, Bike Fit, Group Riding, Hazard Recognition & Common Crashes, Obstacle Clearing & Riding Techniques, Patrol Procedures, Nighttime Patrol, Community Policing, Basic Maintenance, Legal Issues & Traffic Laws, and Fitness & Nutrition. This demanding class involves over 20 hours of on-bike time to develop and improve riding skills.

In addition to national certification with IPMBA as an authorized instructor, your lead instructor is a Texas Mountain Bike Champion and placed in the top 15 nationally.


This 32-hour course is intended for officer’s currently assigned to bike patrol, officers applying to become members of a bike unit, or members of a department considering use of the bicycle.  IPMBA Certification is available to sworn police officers who successfully complete the practical test, earn a score of 76% or better on the written test, become members of IPMBA, and submit applications for certification accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Required Equipment & Materials Checklist


    • Reputable manufacturer mountain bike in good working order, properly fitted
    • Street/combination tires (size 26 x 1.5 – 26 x 2.1; no knobbies)
    • Pedal retention devices (BMX-style platform pedals are not permitted)
    • At least one water bottle cage & bottle
    • Hydration delivery system (recommended)
    • Headlight (42 lumens measured at 10 ft.)
    • L.E.D. steady or flashing red taillight
    • Rear mount kick stand
    • Rear rack with full size rack bag
    • Off-road tires (recommended; this class will ride off-road)


    • Patch kit
    • Tire levers
    • Two spare tubes
    • Compact tire pump or CO2


    • Eye protection (wraparound, clear and tinted)
    • Bicycle helmet (ANSI, Snell or CPSCapproved)
    • Padded cycling gloves
    • Body armor protective vest


    • Full duty uniform (worn daily)
    • Shirt
    • Shorts/Pants
    • Padded cycling shorts (recommended)
    • Shoes
    • Foul weather gear (jacket, pants)
    • Off-road cycling clothes


Cost: $215.00

Duration: 32 Hours

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