Non-Lethal Training Classes

Selecting a practical and effective self-defense program nowadays can be quite daunting. There are literally thousands of schools and businesses claiming that “only they” teach the real thing, including here in San Antonio and the surrounding areas!  And their training usually involves years of lessons designed towards hand-to-hand grappling or fighting.

We want to make one thing clear:  Going hand-to-hand with an assailant is the LAST thing you ever want to happen, regardless of your experience level.  The odds of being overpowered and seriously injured (or worse) are increased exponentially.  This is one of the primary reasons we encourage training courses that are geared towards defending yourself and loved ones from a distance.  We refer to this distance as the “Survival Gap” or “Reactionary Gap.”  Our courses are reality-based training with over-the-shoulder coaching in “situational simulations.”