Texas License to Carry (Firing Only)


This course is designed for students who have already completed the Texas Online License to Carry Class and only need to complete the License to Carry (LTC) FIRING ONLY (range instruction and proficiency demonstration) portion of the course. Students who haven’t taken our online LTC class, click here.

During the LTC range instruction and proficiency demonstration course, we will cover Basic Handgun Use and Safety and you receive a Range Safety briefing.  Upon completion of classroom instruction, students will go to the range for qualification.  While this course is primarily designed for students who completed the online LTC class, students looking for a refresher course and wanting to fire under instructor supervision can also attend this course. 

Please bring your Online PDF Training Certificate or email us the Online PDF Training Certificate at info@tac-safe.comWe can print it out and have it ready for you the date of the class.  Upon completion of this course, we will certify the range proficiency demonstration and you will have everything required for your state application.

CHL San Antonio

You will need the following:

  • Federal or State Issued Photo ID
  • Online Texas License to Carry PDF Training Certificate (LTC-101)
  • Clean Handgun in Good Repair. 
  • One box of ammunition (50 rounds) specific to your handgun. 
  • Hearing Protection (Foam Pugs or Over the Ear Muffs)
  • Eye Protection (Safety Glasses, Prescription Glasses or Sun Glasses will work)
  • Proper Range attire (no Flipflops, tank-tops, etc.)

Note 1: No 41/44 Magnums or .50 caliber handguns allowed on the course. 

Note 2: Bring snacks if you want!  Bigs/Valero close by to purchase while on breaks.



  • You will fire 50 rounds at a target (45″ high x 24″ wide) (B27 target).
  • There are 250 possible points: you only need 175 to pass. (It’s NOT difficult)
  • Firing begins from the ready position, where firearm is aimed/in a position to fire.
  • You must posses the ability to load and unload your firearm safely and unassisted.
  • You must demonstrate safe weapons handling at all times.
  • Malfunctions/stoppages will be corrected by the shooter w/instructor verbal guidance.

Stage I: 3 Yard Line – 20 shots

  • 1 Shot Fired in 2 Seconds                (Repeated 5 Times)
  • 2 Shots Fired in 3 Seconds                 (Repeated 5 Times)
  • 5 Shots Fired in 10 Seconds               (Only 1 Time)

Stage II: 7 Yard Line – 20 shots

  • 5 Shots Fired in 10 Seconds            (Only 1 Time)
  • 5 Shots Fired in 2 Stages:
    1. 2 Shots Fired in 4 Seconds    (Only 1 Time)
    2. 3 Shots Fired in 6 Seconds    (Only 1 Time)
  • 1 Shot Fired in 3 Seconds                   (Repeated 5 Times)
  • 5 Shots Fired in 15 Seconds               (Only 1 Time)San Antonio CHL

Stage III: 15 Yard Line-10 shots

  • 5 Shots Fired in 2 Stages:
    1. 2 Shots Fired in 6 Seconds    (Only 1 Time)
    2. 3 Shots Fired in 9 Seconds    (Only 1 Time)
  • 5 Shots Fired in 15 Seconds             (Only 1 Time)


  • 8, 9, 10, and X rings = 5 Points;
  • 7 ring = 4 Points;
  • On target, outside 7 ring = 3 Points

PASSING SCORE = 175 points out of 250 possible (Not Difficult AT all)

                              OUR COURSE FEE

Qualified Active Duty Military (Fired within Past 10 Years and bring proof)   FREE
Active Duty Military that Need or Want to Fire / Veterans / First Responders   $20.00
Standard Rate for those that took “OUR” Online LTC Course   $30.00
Standard Rate / All Others   $40.00
  • Qualified Active Duty military: Please bring your military firing record (familiarization, proficiency or qualification) to class for instructor verification. 
  • First Responders just need to bring their credentials.  Veterans please bring a form of ID or something showing you served.