Ladies Only Weapons Training Classes

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Statistically, women face a greater threat of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Learning to defend yourself with a handgun will greatly improve your odds of surviving such an attack. We completely understand that training with a bunch of guys, that in many cases “know-it-all,” is not always be the best learning atmosphere for ladies and can sometimes be quite intimidating. This is exactly why we offer courses designed and specifically tailored to a “Ladies Only” format. And just because it is a ladies-only format shouldn’t mean that the price gets raised … it should be equal for everyone! Read our online reviews and give us a call.

Our instructors will provide an open, relaxed, and comfortable learning experience that will prepare you to be safe, confident, and responsible handling with any weapon. Just let us know if you would like more information on any of our ladies-only classes. In addition to gaining an invaluable life-long skill set conducted in a very safe and comfortable setting, shooting weapons should be exhilarating and FUN! If trained properly, it not only can, but WILL be fun.

Researching and selecting a highly qualified marksmanship instructor is very difficult these days as there is a veritable plethora of weapons trainers and masters of fluff. Having weapons knowledge and being able to pass this along to students in an easy to understand method are two very different skill sets.

Our highly qualified and certified instructors have a minimum of 10+ years in the classroom teaching and have attended and graduated an 8-week weapons instructor school (not a one or two day course). To graduate, they must master every facet of multiple weapon systems, as well as pass three practical teaching evaluations from a Master Certified instructor on each weapon system. Furthermore, instructors have minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.

Please do your homework before selecting an instructor and ask questions about their teaching experience and background. Specifically, what experience do they have teaching ladies? How confident are we? We have a money back garauntee on all of our training classes!