Stun Gun – Citizen Safety Training


A Stun Gun in the hands of someone “not” trained is much like owning a handgun and not having ammunition…extremely ill-advised.  Hands-on training from certified instructors is an ABSOLUTE MUST!  We at TSI know this because we provided the “annual” training required of all Law Enforcement officers.   Even the largest and most violent criminal can be temporarily incapacitated from the electronic voltage of a stun gun, and every citizen, young or old, fragile or strong, can learn proven deployment techniques that will allow them to defend an attack and get away safely.


This course is approximately 2 hours. We begin by discussing ways and routines to avoid dangerous situations, then jump right into our main focus…the Stun Gun.  We discuss safety, the body’s natural reactions to a fight, situational mindset and awareness, staging the weapon, effective deployment techniques, the ready position, proper extension, the effects of ECDs on the human body, movements and much more.  We conclude with reality-based training that includes over-the-shoulder coaching in “situational simulations.”   You will definitely leave this course confident in your abilities!  Upon completion of the course, you WILL receive an actual Stun Gun for your personal protection valued at $39.95.  Our curriculum includes:

  • Situational Awareness…Conditions to Avoid
  • Verbal Skills to De-Escalate a Confrontation
  • Safe Handling and Environmental Considerations
  • Physiological Effects of Electronic Control Devices
  • Primary sites to Target on the Human Body
  • Proper Reporting to the Police
  • Situational Simulations with over the Shoulder Coaching

NOTE:  You will receive your own FREE stun gun (civilian version) for personal defense upon completion of this training course, which is INCLUDED ($39.95 Value) in the course cost.

Cost: $39.95

Our extremely affordable price makes this training pactically FREE, considering the value of the Stun Gun you receive is INCLUDED in the price.  The price reflects our company vision: “Protecting our Community … One Citiziten at a Time!”  We are committed to it!

Duration: 2 Hours