You may be wondering, “Where Can I Carry?”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the places you “cannot” carry your concealed handgun, even though you have your Texas CHL.  If you have more specific questions, we are just an email or phone call away.

  • If gambling or betting is taking place, leave your concealed handgun in your secure vehicle. (Racetracks, Casinos, para-mutual betting, etc.)
  • Sporting events, both Amateur and Professional.
  • Any courthouses or a facility or building that has a courthouse in it.
  • Any business that derives 51% or more from the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption.  Bars fall into this category; liquor stores generally do not.
  • Any and all Federal property.  This includes your local Post Office.
  • Any location where there is a 30.06 sign posted.
  • Where someone with the proper authority (owner, manager, etc.) gives verbal warning that the carrying of a Concealed Handgun is not allowed … leave it secured in the car.
  • Inside Schools, at school activities (football, basketball, track, etc), or school transportation.  Generally, you are okay if you are just dropping off or picking up a child…pulling through the parking lot.  However, you cannot go inside.  Keep in mind that the school has the option to post a sign at the entrance of the parking lot.
  • The secured area of Airports is off limits.  (Humor time:  Why is there a 30.06 sign at the bar entrance after you have passed through security?  So if you somehow make it through security and suddenly decide to enter the bar, please return your weapon back to your car : )
  • Voting locations and poling places are off limits.
  • On the “premises” of jails and correctional facilities.
  • Keep a close eye out on the following places as they routinely place 30.06 signs up (Class A misdemeanor if you violate)
    • On the “premises” of an amusement park, some carnivals, place of worship, hospital, nursing home, or meeting of a governmental entity.

Note: Senate Bill 501 removed the right of any “city or county” government to place a 30.06 sign on any building owned/leased by that government.  You are not restricted in carrying a handgun by a properly licensed CHL holder.

 Always refer to the TXDPS website (See Reciprocity in Footer Blow) for the most up-to-date information.  As a CHL holder, you must comply with the laws of each state you visit.